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Alienballs is like:
Winlinez, Color Linez, Color Lines, Balltrix; or Bubbles on Macs.

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The object of the game is to get points by moving Alienballs so that they form a line of 5 or more.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines are allowed:

Example of a horizontal line Example of a vertical line Example of a diagonal line

Get 5 Alienballs (or more) of the same color in a continuous line to remove them and get a load of points!

To move an Alienball: click on it once, then click once on the blank space where where you want to put it.

You can only move an Alienball if there is a clear path from its start cell to its destination. Alienballs can't move diagonally:

Example of moves that are allowed, and those that aren't

After each turn 3 Alienballs are placed randomly on the grid.

When the board fills up, you lose.

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Get X (X >= 5) Balls in a line for X3 points.

The number of points you get for a turn is multiplied by the number of lines you remove in that turn.

Remove lines in two different directions (crossing lines of same color) in one move to get your current score for that turn multiplied by 10, for example:

Example of completing 2 lines in one move

Do it in 3 different directions to multiply those points by 100.

Manage 4 different directions to multiply those points by an incredible factor of 1000!

Watch the status bar at the bottom of the window to see changes in your score.

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